Name Change

Perhaps in order to garner better relations with the rest of the planet, the people of the United States of America ought to officially change the name of this country; in order to let them all know we are in on the joke, no longer pretending to be what we are not. Instead of United States of America, perhaps we can be the “Incorporated States of Hypocrisy,” or perhaps “Incorporated States of What-the-Fuck?”

If you think about it, all people who live on the American Continents are technically “Americans.” We aren’t exactly “united” with them, let alone as a country. US citizens often call people from Central and South America “foreigners,” as if they come from some alien place. Apart from beliefs and physical differences, people are similar all over the world. We meet ourselves wherever we go.

So to me, the name of our country is a bit antiquated, and potentially somewhat unappreciated by those who also consider themselves Americans and wish we would get over ourselves. Of course, not all US citizens feel this way about people from other countries, nor are we looked down upon necessarily as individuals elsewhere in the world. It is all a matter of perspective and personal experience.

Still, it would be more interesting and honest if we changed the name to something reflecting what we’ve become, rather than what we were, or even perhaps what we only ever were in theory. I think if we were “The Incorporated States of What-the-Fuck?” everyone would breathe a sigh of relief and laugh every time it was mentioned. It would be another way of saying, “Okay, we’re finally being real here. How about we settle our differences?”



About kosmicleo

I am a traveler, a writer, a man of the Kosmos. I endeavor to be an ever more effective peacemaker in the world.

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