So what if God is simply the infinite field of consciousness, unlimited in its scope and capacity? From whatever point it originates, it is always reflecting back on itself from whatever other point it experiences.

What if your perception, your very existence as a perceiving individuated entity, a “point” in the infinite Universe staring back at its Origin Point, is simply one dot on a giant movie screen?

If the Universe were like a giant torus, then it would always at some point hit a barrier, because it is spherical, and would then curve upward and eventually find itself back at the center.

Therefore, every point of consciousness within it is ultimately equal to the Creator, the origin point of consciousness staring back at itself infinitely from every possible vantage point, and more individuated aspects are cropping up as others pass away and reform themselves as new and more evolved versions of Itself. Incredible!

As for seeing what’s outside that giant toroidal sphere, who’s to say? Maybe it simply goes on truly infinitely, and there is no sphere. However if there are multiple Universes, that’s how it would have to be. What if those Universes were individuated aspects of other giant toroidal spheres? Holy Fuck!

The “point” is to realize that from wherever you are at, you are staring back at yourself infinitely. God is the Greater Consciousness that is everything you could possibly perceive infinitely and more, and you are equal to It, because you are It, constantly creating Itself.

And that is what Valentine Michael Smith meant when he said “Thou Art God.”

The Universe cherishes your presence, otherwise you would not exist in your current form, and even in one body there is the potential for dramatic improvement in skill, promoting longevity and a “life well-lived.”

There is satisfaction in living life as the Artist of your own life. Life is your canvas. Paint a beautiful picture. Or an interesting one. Or a messy one. Just have fun, and avoid hurting others. And the more authentic you are, the more at peace with it all you will be.

Let go of pretense if you can. That will mar the quality and originality of the picture. That would be a waste of a good talent.

May the Force be with You.

The Spice must flow.

Tao is Flow….Enter into it….Dive Deep….Have a fun trip.




About kosmicleo

I am a traveler, a writer, a man of the Kosmos. I endeavor to be an ever more effective peacemaker in the world.

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