Truth is simple. We all know it when we hear it. It communicates to us on another level than the vain and idle words of those who employ deception, distraction or manipulation. The problem lies in our willingness to accept it and live by it. Otherwise, we fall for the eloquent and copious words of those who seek to convince, rather than listening to those who speak with true conviction.

It is easy to be taken in by those who would feed our delusions and denials in order that we remain in the comfort of being a victim, able to blame others, delay or avoid accepting self-responsibility, or rely on those who would keep us in their prison of dominance and dependency while draining our time, attention, energy and willpower through their instruments of distraction, flattery and fear.

At a certain point, we must accept responsibility and claim our energy for our own. We must decide what we stand for, what we wish to feed or nurture with our time, energy, effort, attention and trust. At a certain point, we must recognize untruth and unreality for what it is, and, as difficult as it may be, choose and embrace something else, even though truth may initiate the dissolution of all the structures of deception we have built within our inner world, or that we have supported in the outer world, in order to escape the truth of what we are, what we are here to do, and what we are here to be.

All that distracts from or seeks to obfuscate truth is a mechanism of evil, to one degree or another. Whether it is our own ego, or the individuals or agencies that seek to dominate us, the basic rouse is the same: to draw our focus upon that which is outside of ourselves as a threat, so that we fail to focus our attention upon discovering the true nature of that which is insisting upon the threat in the first place. In the case of the ego, we focus on the fault in others, seek to continually gratify the pleasure-seeking impulses of the body, or worry about potential calamities to avoid looking within in order to root out all of the untruth our egos have created; all of the justifications, defenses, delusions and fears.

In the case of our news media, government and intelligence agencies, we are invited to focus on threats of violence, terrorism, disease, inclement weather, etc., in order to keep us in a state of anxiety and fear, and to distract us from focusing on the true nature of those in so-called power and all their doings that support their secret, selfish agendas, creating further obstacles to the progress and unification that could bring our world into balance. As long as we are afraid of some threat, be it foreign invaders or even our own neighbors, we are not paying attention to that which demands to be revealed. Republican versus Democrat, White versus Black, Christian versus Jew or Muslim, Rich versus Poor, it’s all another version of divide and conquer, as it were. Again, focusing on the outer threat to distract from the truth is the game.

We do not need to keep playing the game. Once we stop playing the game, we make a new discovery–once we stop giving our power and attention to that which seeks to convince us of its validity through lies and deception, it no longer has any power over us and its inherent irrelevance becomes apparent. We discover how hollow untruth really is, no matter how much energy may be expended to convince us otherwise. First, we discover that our egos, our very notion of a static identity, is in fact unreal and non-existent. In the end, our ego is simply a collection of stories, conclusions, or judgments we tell ourselves in order to remain limited in our self-conception so that we can engage a dualistic mindset in which our static, familiar self can relate to all that which is “other.” The dissolution of this safety-net of identity is the liberation many of us seek, and the emptiness many of us even fear. No more excuses, no one left to blame. Next, we begin to see how many of the social structures and paradigms we have accepted, co-created or invested ourselves in are ultimately false and unnecessary, which allows us to begin to transcend them.

In the experience of duality, the physical existence we experience, there are ultimately only two directions one can go, two directions that any thought, word or action will take us: toward unity or toward separation. To move toward unity is to move toward God. We begin to recognize ourselves in others more and more, until there is no longer even the idea of self and other, there is just the experience of unity and love. To move toward separation is to move toward the continual suffering inherent to living within the prison of a static and limited identity ever pursuing self-limited desires. Unity is the only truth, separation the only lie.

It is with this knowing that we must navigate life. What is truth and what is untruth? This is the ultimate compass, the litmus test we must employ in determining that which is worth our attention and trust. This is what we must remember when examining all that we experience in our mind, in our interactions with others, and ultimately in deciphering what we are told by those who would seek to claim authority over us for a perceived reward, be it safety, financial support, love, a sense of identity, approval, etc. From the micro to the macro, these lessons play out, until we graduate to another level of living, in which these lessons are no longer necessary, and all that is not truth dissolves from our experience, individually and collectively.


About kosmicleo

I am a traveler, a writer, a man of the Kosmos. I endeavor to be an ever more effective peacemaker in the world.

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